A uniform embodies the mission of an institution whether it is a school or an enterprise. The colour, cut and fabric ai??i?? all must be in harmony with the core values of the brand that the wearer of the uniform will be representing.

At Laura Lou, we understand uniform manufacturing like none other. We have been in garment manufacturing business for the last 23 years. Our merchandizers, designers, and seamstresses all work tirelessly and relentlessly to manufacture world class uniforms.

Our team will work closely with you to

  • Understand your needs in terms of size, specifications and numbers
  • Understand the purpose that the garment is needed for e.g. depending on whether a uniform will be a day wear or a night wear, we may recommend a different fabric to you
  • We work with you to understand and define the design ai??i?? colours, use of logos, fits and styles
  • Branded wear ai??i?? logos can be screen printed or embroidered on the uniforms to give the wearer a unique identity

We have been providing school uniforms to several prominent high schools in Jamaica. We also supply uniforms to various hospitals and factories. We will be happy to show you uniform samples and take you around our garment manufacturing facility. For more details, call us now.

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